Florida Graduated Licensing

In an effort to make sure that new drivers are prepared to handle the challenges that come with driving, and gain knowledge from other experienced drivers, the state has implemented a Florida Graduated Licensing Law. It has three stages: Learner’s License, Intermediate License, and Full Privilege License.

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The state requires that all new drivers spend at least 4 hours completing a state-approved drug and alcohol course (TLSAE). Our course is self-paced, so you can start and stop whenever you want!

To get your intermediate license, you must be at least 16 years old AND have held your learner’s permit for one year without any traffic convictions. You get this license after you schedule an appointment with the DMV to do a behind-the-wheel driving test.
The Florida Driving Rules & Restrictions:

  • 16 Years Old:
    You can drive between 6am and 11pm. Otherwise, you must have a licensed adult (21+) in the front passenger seat or be traveling to or from work.
  • 17 Years Old:
    You can drive between 5am and 1am. Otherwise, you must have a licensed adult (21+) in the front passenger seat or be traveling to or from work.

Once you turn 18, the restrictions are automatically removed from your license!


How to Get a License

Adults 18 and older can go from a learner’s permit to a full driver’s license in a short period of time. Here’s how!

1 Enroll in the TLSAE

Before you can receive your learner’s license, you must have taken the Drug and Alcohol Course and passed the Learner’s Permit Exam (also known as the Driver’s License Exam) at the DMV. With this license, you must always have a licensed adult (21+) in the front passenger seat.

florida drug and alcohol course online

2Written Test and Road Test

Once you’re ready to take the behind-the-wheel driving test, schedule it with your local DMV.

3 Earn Full Privilege License

Once you’ve completed the road test, you can exchange your learner’s permit at the DMV for a regular Class E License.




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